Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today was a good day! (measurements week #1)

Today is what I describe to be the perfect day, in regards to diet and exercise anyway. I mean winning the Lotto would be a PERFECT day. As for my goals, today was a great day.

What I ate:
Breakfast: Fiber One Cereal w/ fat free milk
Snack: 6 slices chicken breast lunch meat style
Lunch: Turkey burger pattie, green beans, garlic salad, and a teeny tiny amount of mashed potatoes
Snack: All Natural Peanut Butter w/ an apple
Dinner: 2 chicken fajitas, 2 oz of chicken in each with pico, salsa, lettuce in a low carb whole wheat tortilla.

Total Calories: 1220 (yay within goal!)

My favorite tortilla EVAR in this world is La Tortilla Factory. OMG you've never had? They are fantastic, sometimes hard to find however you can order online! www.latortillafactory.com Check out the awesome nutrition info on these bad boys!

Today whenever I felt hungry, I chugged a glass of
When I got off work I DID NOT want to go to the gym, ugh! I did remember my gym bag so would have been a waste not too right? Right! I was really wanting taco bell, like bad! Luckily for me I have the best friends ever. We had a girls night Saturday night and all pretty much decided none of us are where we want to be. I of course need the most work, but it's really nice to have friends with similar goals. We made a pact to help hold each other accountable. So I text two of my friends, Laurie and Kesha... I said, "Tell me why I need to go to the gym and not Taco Bell like I really want to do right now" Kesha immediately text me back and said, "Because you do not want to be the fat girl with the pretty face!" She was so right, that is all I needed to hear! Thank you Kesha! (Laurie I won't put you on blast but good job on the work out! lol)

Cardio: 1 hour on the elliptical interval style
Weights: Upper Body

Calories Burned: 675

How do I know how many calories I burned you ask? Because I have my fabulous Polar Heart Rate Monitor! www.polarusa.com Can't live without that thing.

My RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) is about 1600. That means I burn about 1600 calories a day not including working out.

Well looky there, I created a 1055 calories deficit for myself today!! I am a third of the way to losing 1 lb! lol Remember it takes a 3500 Calorie deficit to lose 1 lb. of fat! And this is why it was a good day! The stars align! Now I need 364 more days like this! lol I attribute this week to eating less and moving more, not as much as I would have liked, but hey look, a little goes a long way!

As promised... updated measurements:

Weight: 188     (ooh down 2 lbs.!!)

Body Fat: 41.5%    (down a TAD)

Circumference of:

Bicep: 13.5  (same. blah)

Neck: 13.5  (uh same again)

Bust: 43  (of course I lose an inch here, always the first place to go!)

Waist: 39.5  (oh yeah, .5 baby, that's what I like to see!!)

Butt/Hip: 44  (down and inch wooo hoo)

Thigh: 25 (best thighs on the East Side baby STILL lol!)

Calf: 16.5  (da bears)

So I lost 2 lbs., .4% body fat, 1 inch in my bust, .5 inch in my waist, and 1 inch in my butt/hip area. Not a bad week! Now just think what I could do if I actually bust my ass EVERYDAY!

This is definitely motivation! Results = Motivation. GOOD NIGHT!


  1. I am following you, by the way! I need the motivation too, and...I even clicked on one of your adds to make you some money! Lookin' out for fam!

  2. awww thanks Couz!!! lol I can't wait to see you!! 3 more days!! =)