Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself

Hi, my name is Nicki Moore and I am on a mission to find myself. I lost my confidence, my health, and my motivation somewhere along the way and I am determined to get it back.

Let me tell you a little bit about me. I have always been athletic and in great shape for a majority of my life. I played softball for 12 years, I was the captain of my high school cheerleading squad, and played volleyball. I was a personal trainer until 2003 when I traded it in to sit at a desk on my ass ever since. Well let me back up, there is a little bit of history there that MAY or may NOT play into this... I dated a guy that I worked with at the gym, BIG MISTAKE. So when we broke up (inevitable, yes still bitter about men, looking to fix that here too, hopefully...ha) I didn't want to be at work with him and in turn let a shit ton of my clients go and had to find another job to pay the bills. I also gained this crazy love for carbs during the break up, I seriously gained like 40 pounds in one week. Carbs, we have a love hate relationship! Sooo can you see where this is all going? I freaking had a bad break up 8 years ago and apparently used that as an excuse to eat my way through the State of Texas. Time to let it go, don't ya think?

Maybe, just MAYBE I could have blamed the first year on him, but 8 years??? Jesus, this sound even worse now that I am writing it out. Lol

I have always had pretty bad eating habits, but was always on the go and young (that obviously isn't the case now *tear* wow this blog is turning into a pity party already. Note issue #8466 that needs to be fixed, haha) so it never really caught up with me. So I have basically been very lazy and continued my bad eating habits/worsened them.

What I am here to do now is take responsibility for my actions and make a change. A lifestyle change and hold myself accountable. Against my better judgement I am going to post some fat pics of me on here with my current weight AND measurements, and I will record my progress each week. I will of course update my trials and tribulations of my journey daily, I will just do my measurements weekly and will post picture updates monthly.

For those of you who didn't know me before here are some pics of what I used to look like:

Awww my Sister and I in Cali, probably about 10 years ago.
Yes that IS me on the left, hard to believe I know...
My best friend Laurie and I , I love this girl. And damn we were F'n HOT!

Yep, that's me. On my 21st Birthday, right before it all went downhill.

Alright, here we go... Now for the fat pics and measurements. Seriously can't believe I am about to do this....

Yeah, it's gotten THAT bad... and now for the measurements! YAY!

Weight: 190

Body Fat: 41.9% (you know the only real and accurate way to know your body fat is autopsy, just sayin...)

Circumference of:

Bicep: 13.5

Neck: 13.5 (hmmm that's random, my neck and bicep are the same size. Eek)

Bust: 44 (oh Snap!!)

Waist: 40 (at least my boobs stick out a little more, phew!)

Butt/Hip: 45 (put THAT in ya next song Sir Mixx Alot!)

Thigh: 25 (best thighs on the East Side baby!)

Calf: 16.5

Well, this pretty much makes me want to go eat a pint of ice cream now... Until tomorrow....

Joking Joking!!! I will continue on my journey to create LESS OF ME...


  1. I love you Nicki!!!! You can do it!

  2. If anyone has the strength and will power...YOU DO!!! I am cheering you on Nicole :)