Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not so much...

Yeah eating good and working out, not so much. I haven't been over eating, but I did have wings, pizza, and cheese puffs last night. ha Oh not to mention the mac and cheese I had earlier yesterday. I didn't over eat on Thanksgiving which is good I guess, but I also haven't worked out since Tuesday night. Yesterday and today I just didn't do it. The night is not over however... ha.

It's time to get serious! This week my two goals, work out everyday after work and eat between 1000-1300 Calories. Damn, I go to Phoenix this weekend though, so Friday is out. But I WILL NOT eat bad while I am out of town! I will not I will not! I didn't do too bad on drinking this past weekend though, I am proud of that.

So work out Mon-Thurs and keep the calories down between 1000-1300 each day!

Measurements Tuesday!!! ugh

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