Saturday, November 27, 2010

To drink or not to drink?

To drink or not to drink, THAT is the question.

So I went out with some friends Wednesday night, you know to start off the 4 day Holiday weekend right. My first thought was, well okay I'm not gonna drink... I'll just go hang out. I have consistently been hitting the gym, eating less and eating leaner, so why ruin it with alcohol? Drinking alcohol to me is like eating bad, it's just a habit that I have. lol (runs in the family) Plus it's tough not to drink, to be honest I just don't have a good time when I'm not drinking because I feel fat and ugly and self conscious. But then the next day I feel like crap, I wanna eat bad greasy food and sit on my ass and not work out. Do you see how this vicious cycle works people?? It's time to break the cycle!

About 2 years ago I was finally successful and lost a lot of weight, 45 pounds to be exact. But let me tell you what all went into achieving this... I did not drink a SIP of alcohol for 12 weeks. I ate the same foods everyday everyday for 13 weeks. I worked out 3 hours a day 6 days a week and I had a trainer 4 of those 6 days. This my friends was the result...

Hot right??? I know! And I discovered green is one if my best colors =)
I busted my ass for 13 weeks and basically had no life for this Vegas Trip... why the sudden motivation you ask? One simple actually dumb complicated reason, my ex boyfriend was gonna be there. Yes the one that helped spiral me into this lazy version of myself. Nope I didn't do it for me, and had he not have been going, I seriously doubt I would have lost half of what I did or had the motivation and determination to get this done. It's sad! Why can't I just do it for me?? I know EXACTLY what to do, I'm just not doing it!!!!!!! Why is it so hard to just do the right thing for myself???

Obviously I felt great with my progress but guess what? It didn't last... AS SOON as I returned from this trip where I looked fabulous, felt fabulous and achieved my goal of showing my ex what he was missing out on... I reverted right back to my lazy eatin fast food 3 times a day drinkin self. And gained it ALL back. Why? Because I did it for the wrong reasons. This is a lifestyle change people! I need to make a lifestyle change! Having a trainer 4 days a week, eating the same foods and never eating out and not drinking is not realistic for me... but continuing on my current path is sure to kill me.

So I DID drink Wednesday night. I am trying to figure out how I can do this in moderation and still achieve my goals. hmmmmm

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