Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bawling... (measurements week #2)

I am bawling my eyes out right now watching the Biggest Loser. The contestants are going home to their families this week, some lost as much as 125 lbs. What an accomplishment! The families are so happy to see their loved ones healthier and happier. That's the feeling I want to have, I want people to see me and be like, "Damn, Nicki looks great!" Not "Oh man Nicole gained a lot of weight".
No food tastes as good as that would feel, I just need to remember that. I do a lot of mindless eating, just eating out of boredom or habit when I'm not even really hungry.
And can I just add that these freaking St. Jude commercials are heartbreaking!!!!!!! ugh
So this weekend I went out of town to visit my sister, she is so skinny!!! But she barely eats and when she does, it's healthier stuff and not such big portions. She has all nutritious food in her house, which I have learned to keep nothing but healthy food also, then I'm too lazy to go get bad food! haha So sad! We went to grab brunch on Saturday and we got nachos and tostada's, my sister makes a comment, "I never eat this crap" as I am looking down thinking, "I ALWAYS eat like this" And that is the problem!! I need to save it for specials occasions. We had a conversation and basically food is not a priority for her, and for me, it's what I look forward to everyday, all I think about. What will I eat today? Tomorrow? This weekend? I need to stop making food a priority. I definitely ate bad BUT I didn't eat near as much as I would being bored and work and snacking, so let's do measurements and see how that panned out...
Weight: 187     (ooh down 1 lbs. that's a miracle!!)

Body Fat: 40.9%    (down quite a bit, WOW must have been the dancing! ha)

Circumference of:

Bicep: 13.5  (same. blah)

Neck: 13  (down .5! Woot)

Bust: 42.5  (of course down .5 you will see consistent loss here. lol)

Waist: 39  (oh yeah, .5 baby, that's what I like to see!!)

Butt/Hip: 44  (same)

Thigh: 24.5 (best thighs on the East Side baby STILL lol!) down. 5 though!!

Calf: 16.2  (down a tad)
Well, I am on my way!!!! This is great progress, but I know I can do better, and I will....

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